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Why Choose us

Stable Useability

Our payment Processing centers are on 24/7

Secure Wallet

The security of your funds are assured

Multiple Currency

Pay in multiple currencies around the world

Low Rate

0% transaction fee for most transactions

We always ensure Trustful services which include minimal and very impressive Exchange rates, reliable Payment Solutions, a Highly secure, Safe and Transparent Experience along with the Fair Pricing. Moreover, we are linked with many other platforms such as paypal, bitcoin, western Union, Alipay etc. This aids the user to with respect to their funds using their any desired platform. Also, Free wallet to wallet transaction makes a better experience to send the funds.

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There is what we do

We offer virtual prepaid Visa bank cards that allows you to pay for goods and services anonymously online. We work worldwide so you can purchase virtual prepaid cards from anywhere in the world and use them to pay online on any websites that accept Mastercard or Visa prepaid cards. Instant Wallet Pay Inc is the safe, secure and easy way to pay and get paid online. The services provided by Instant Wallet Pay allow payments to be made through internet, without sharing their financial information. Instant Wallet Pay account can be funded with any cryptocurrency, Paypal & any payment gateway, Debit card, Credit card and an electronic debit from a bank account.


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Solutions for

Personal Use

Instant and convienent payment around the world


Enabling secure transactions for businesses and their customers

Online Professionals

Contactless transaction for easy and fast payment

Affiliate Marketers

A reliable payment platform for marketers and enterpreneurs

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